White's Mercantile Room and Board | country’s 100 most creative people
White's Room and Board are vacation rental properties curated by Holly Williams in recently, renovated historical homes. There are 3 unique properties for rentals: The Sweeney Cottage located in Leipe'rs Fork, TN; The Fox Country Farmhouse in Cornersville, TN; and The Centerhill Cabins located in Sparta, TN.
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Meet the Country’s 100 Most Creative People

These movers and makers are sure to inspire your next project.

countryliving_mostcreativeissueHolly’s passion for restoring old farmhouses-some she even finds on craigslist!-has added “innkeeper” to her multi hyphenate job description. (She’s currently at work restoring two more soon-to-be rentals and just finished renovating the “Sweeney Cottage” in Leaper’s Fork, Tn.) “I want to welcome songwriters searching for a creative getaway; families craving quiet restorative time; and anyone wanting a little peace and clarity.” See the rest of her Sweeney Cottage renovation here.

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