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White's Room and Board are vacation rental properties curated by Holly Williams in recently, renovated historical homes. There are 3 unique properties for rentals: The Sweeney Cottage located in Leipe'rs Fork, TN; The Fox Country Farmhouse in Cornersville, TN; and The Centerhill Cabins located in Sparta, TN.
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Take a Peek Inside This Historic 1890s Tennessee Cottage Turned Charming Inn

“Sweeney Cottage,” the latest renovation project from singer-songwriter and CL contributor Holly Williams, is full of pretty patterns, gorgeous antiques, and quaint farmhouse details.



Back in 2005, Holly Williams, the Nashville singer-songwriter and one of Country Living’s 100 most creative people, spent her nights playing gigs all over Nashville, trying to get a record deal. She spent her days working in a sandwich shop situated next door to a charming 1890s cottage in nearby Leiper’s Fork. More than a decade later, the cottage hit the market and Holly teamed up with friend (and Leiper’s Fork historian) Aubrey Preston to restore it to its former glory. The result: a charmingly quaint 1,200-square-foot space now available for rent through Holly’s rapidly growing White’s Mercantile brand. Take a look around at Holly’s inspiring work.


Holly chose her favorite “neutral” for the doors: Pink Ground by Farrow & Ball.


The pretty chandelier, rose-colored rug, and accent wall papered in Smoky Rose by House of Hackney pretty up the practical space.

Dining Room

Holly hunted down each and every one of the vintage mirrors. “Reproductions are fine,” she says. “But I wanted everything in this house to be antique.”

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These movers and makers are sure to inspire your next project.

countryliving_mostcreativeissueHolly’s passion for restoring old farmhouses-some she even finds on craigslist!-has added “innkeeper” to her multi hyphenate job description. (She’s currently at work restoring two more soon-to-be rentals and just finished renovating the “Sweeney Cottage” in Leaper’s Fork, Tn.) “I want to welcome songwriters searching for a creative getaway; families craving quiet restorative time; and anyone wanting a little peace and clarity.” See the rest of her Sweeney Cottage renovation here.

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Country Living Makeover Takeover: Farmhouse Fix-Up


In this year’s installment of our makeover series, singer-songwriter Holly Williams is transforming her tattered Tennessee fixer-upper one room at a time.

With two historic home renovations under her belt, Holly Williams (as in the daughter of Hank Williams, Jr., and granddaughter of Hank, Sr.) didn’t have plans to tackle a new project anytime soon. She and musician/artist husband Chris Coleman have their hands full with 18-month-old Stella June and little Lillie Mae Louise, who arrived in March. But when she stumbled upon a circa 1800s farmhouse—on Craigslist of all places!—just an hour outside her home of Nashville, she was powerless to resist clicking, and, ultimately, buying.

holly williams

Before: Exterior
Holly, with the help of Country Living Style Director Page Mullins, started with the outside of the house with its dreamy double porch. But with dingy siding and no landscaping, the home lacked curb appeal.

Without seating options, the spacious double porch was underutilized. “As a songwriter, I’m very inspired by old homes—the generations of love, loss, happiness, tragedy. There are so many stories that happened behind those walls,” says Holly. “I want to preserve the simpler times and honor beautiful pieces of architecture.

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